Registration - Team Member

Congratulations on making the decision to become a Team Member. This $195 investment will produce great returns above and beyond the $6300 you can earn on card sales. Welcome to the Race Face Digital Community.

Please fill out the information below to register. Under the section “About The Driver,” this is the information that will be displayed in the “View Details” section of the Marketplace and is basically a short “Bio” on the driver. Please limit the size of your bio to 100 words or less. If you do not have that information at this time, you may leave it blank, but it will need to be uploaded before your cards are minted and added to the Marketplace. You can also edit the Bio under your profile once you login to your account. If you have questions on what to say in a bio, please visit the marketplace and click on the “view details” button on any digital card.

Once you complete registration, you will be redirected to your image upload page. Please be sure to have all your images (5) ready to upload simultaneously. Your digital cards will not be minted and added to your marketplace until all images are uploaded. You can register now and come back at a later time to upload your images if necessary.

Please make sure to place the DRIVERS name in the "Driver Field" below as that is the name that will show up on the MINTED CARDS.

* Required

Please limit the size of your bio to 100 words or less.