Driver Registration

TEAM MEMBER: A Team Member is a race team and or race driver that desires to have digital cards minted to sell and collect in the Race Face Digital Marketplace.

Team Members will have five cards minted as follows...

  • Three Standard Cards, Minted 1000 Cards
  • One Premier Card, Minted 300 Cards
  • One Elite 3-D Card, Mited 100 Cards
  • Victory Lane Cards, Minted 250 for each win.
  • Limited Edition Throwback Cards

Team Members will receive 30% of the sale of cards in the Race Face Digital Marketplace.

Team Members will be issued Edition No.1 of all Minted Cards for their Collection.

The Team Member entry fee is only $195.00 a year.

Victory Lane and Limited Edition Throwback Cards Minted at $25ea.

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FAN MEMBER: Becoming a Fan Member is FREE and is open to anyone that wishes to buy and collect digital trading cards. Fan Members must register with RF Digital and will have the following benefits...

  • My Collection page to showcase their personal collection
  • Access to buy Standard, Premium, and Elite Cards.
  • FREE Speed Zone Rewards Membership
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